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First-class architect office BAUFFICE is Architectural designers of first-class architects are involved in the architectural design of custom-built houses, remodeling, hospitals, and welfare facilities.


Even in the recent recession, I am very grateful to Baufis for consulting with me every day.
Baufis has maintained a stance of collaborating with clients through consultation and consulting. Unlike the role and stance of an architect who pushes the concept of the designer to the front, it is a design office that listens to various wishes and requests and shapes the true needs there.
Regarding the building that we are in charge of designing, we will collect information every day so that we can give advice on durable buildings that are environmentally friendly and increase asset value, so that we can provide new systems and laws while improving compliance. I am keeping in mind.
We have a lot of experience in the fields of medical care, long-term care, childcare, condominiums and apartments as well as housing, and we can handle a wide range of things. Even if you feel something like this, please come visit us.
We also set a one-time fee so that you can consult with us with confidence.

As the name Baufis (Bau is created in Germany, Fiss is from the office. It means a company that creates), I would like to continue to explore the shape of a new design office.

first-class architect Yasunori Nishimura

What is required for design, and what is required of customers, is not only the design that accompanies ideas and creativity, but also the overall goodness that considers its functionality, business feasibility, efficiency, and safety. To do.

What are we good buildings? What should be emphasized? design? function? cost? feasibility? We try to find the answer one by one while consulting with the customer so that we can provide the building that meets the wishes of the customer and the project from all the conditions and values ??surrounding the building and the infinite choices. .. And we are doing the design work sincerely so that the customers involved in the design will be truly pleased that they were "really good".

We are working to flexibly respond to various requests from architecture in a wide range of fields to renovation and furniture design, to give discoveries and joy beyond imagination, and to share the joy of "creating" together. I want to come.

first-class architect Tomohiko Miyata

second-class architect
interior designer Homma

After graduating from university, I worked at a design office.
This time I came up with Baufis' idea.

The appeal of architecture and interior design is I think it has the power to create a unique space.
local conditions, culture, topography and environment, community, Due to the economic situation and other various circumstances and things, The process by which the required place is carried out is as follows.
There are many times when it feels like "LIVE".

Experience in interior graphic design and Including knowledge that is brushed up every day, We propose "comfortable and comfortable architecture and attractive spaces" to everyone, I hope that we can create it together.

second-class architect Shota Fujimori

accounting worker Arisa Shiragata


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    Design and supervision contract

    Design and supervision contract
  3. 03

    Design and supervision contract

    Design and supervision contract
  4. 04

    Model making

    Model making
  5. 05

    Implementation design / confirmation application

    Implementation design / confirmation application
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    Quotation / Contractor selection

    Quotation / Contractor selection
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    Interior and exterior design discussions

    Interior and exterior design discussions
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    Construction supervision

    Construction supervision
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At BAUFFICE, we receive such consultation

  • Consultation on future plans for the family including housing
  • Financial planning consultation
  • Land purchase and selection consultation
  • Land and Housing Asset Utilization Consulting
  • New construction and renovation consulting
  • Architectural planning consultation

Consultation in the field of medical buildings and welfare buildings

At BAUFFICE, we aim to create a medical space where patients who come to our hospital can receive medical examinations with peace of mind and relaxation. In addition, at the stage of the meeting, we will listen firmly to the doctor's thoughts and concepts of opening the hospital, and we are narrowing down our wisdom so that we can put those "thoughts" into shape.
We support you as a partner in the construction field through hospital opening, remodeling, extension and renovation, etc. that combine the individuality of the doctor and the characteristics of the hospital.

Hospital clinic consulting

  • Newly opened
  • Remodeling
  • New Construction and Expansion Consulting
  • Medical related building planning
  • Planning related to the construction of hospital clinics and medical complex buildings
  • Planning related to the construction of welfare facilities
  • Planning of interior design for hospitals and related facilities
  • Planning for remodeling and remodeling due to strategy to increase patients and sales


Would you like to build a concept project with a dream?
Of course, customization is free, and we can help you even from searching for land.

  • Planning housing

    Planning housing

  • House


  • Renovation


  • Hospital


  • Welfare facility

    Welfare facility

  • Child welfare facility

    Child welfare facility

  • Gather house

    Gather house

  • Other


  • Plot


Company Profile

Office name
BAUFFICE Architect office
Responsible person
Yasunori Nishimura
2F, BaufuisuBLD, 3-1-17, Kotoni 2-jo, Sapporo Shi Nishi Ku, Hokkaido,063-0812, Japan

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